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When I was just a wee little lad, Tom Paxton released “The Marvelous Toy”. It was, without a doubt, my favourite Christmas song for many years of my childhood.

Probably at that age what appealed to me most was the onomatopoeic wonder of a toy that “went zip when it moved/bop when it stopped/whirr when it stood still”. I am laughing as I remember the tune as I write this.

I still love the sounds of the words, but I love the sentiment more. Tom Paxton gave us a song about wonder. A song about sharing wonder. A song about the love that comes with sharing wonder.

I looked for a good Youtube video, but couldn’t find a live performance with decent sound. But I did find decent sound with no video. And that might just better. Just listen and imagine. And feel the joy of the marvelous toy. Seeing it just might ruin the wonder.