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Circus has always appealed to a dark sexuality, while simultaneously being silly and somehow childlike.

Cirque du Soleil has brilliantly pushed the dark sexuality to the front of the circus while still giving us a bit of a backdoor into ordinary life.

From http://viktorkee.com/

Viktor Kiktev, who performs as Viktor Kee, was born in Priluki, Ukraine. His mother worked as a dancer and his father was a musician. At four, he attended a children’s ballet school, but it wasn’t long before his journey to the circus began. His older brother was attending the local children circus School “Uday” and smuggled Viktor into the school at the age of six. There, he was introduced to a remarkable teacher, Alex Gruzin, who was to become a major inspiration to Viktor. He took the young boy under his wing and trained him in acrobatic, equilibristic, magic, clowning and last but not least: juggling. He passed on a great deal more than just skills – he gave Viktor something very precious to treasure for the rest of his life – Love for the Art of Circus. By the age of 11 Viktor was focusing more & more on juggling. Two years later, he developed and conceived his first act, in which he brought together juggling of 3 & 5 large balls with a popular, trendy Break Dance routine that was so popular at the time. The success of that act confirmed to the young man what he wanted to be above all else in the world: a juggler. In 1989, Viktor entered the Professional Circus School in Kiev where he began a four year long, arduous, highly specialized training program. There he practised juggling along with acrobatics, acting and dance for 10-14 hours a day which brought Viktor to a point where he, besides being a good acrobat, a hand balancer, or an actor could also juggle 9 balls, do a 7-ball pirouette, a 5-ball double pirouette and a 6-ball pirouette with the 7th ball on his forehead. However, Viktor was more fascinated by the artistic aspects of juggling than the numbers, or technical characteristics of that art form.

There’s more, of course.

For now, sit back and enjoy Viktor at the Cabare du Monde in 2000.