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Been enjoying some memories of the early 80s lately.

nash-the-slashIn 81 or 82 I made the trip into Edmonton to catch Iggy Pop at the Dinwoodie Lounge on the University of Alberta campus. The opening act caught me completely by surprise: Nash the Slash.

Nash was a Toronto-based violinist/mandolinist. He played looping tracks on his keyboards and drum machine, and just let it rip. His show was electrifying. I had never seen or heard anything like it.

Apparently Nash started performing wrapped in white bandages as a commentary during the 3-Mile Island disaster.

Anyway, has Nash floated in and out of my consciousness since that first show. He was never a big star, but he always made an impression and maintained a loyal following. Nash was fabulous because he understood that popular music is theatre. Everything about his show hit hard and deep.

Nash the Slash–aka Jeff Plewman–died in 2014 at age 66.

Here’s a fabulous TV performance from the early 80s. Nash is dressed as I remember him on that tour so long ago.

RIP Nash and thanks for the music.